Mr. Wonka Goes to Dallas

NRF Protect 2018

CompuCom was ready to enter the Loss Prevention arena and I was here for the challenge! With over 200 loss prevention giants that gather each June in Dallas, NRF Protect is the event to find out "who's who" in the loss prevention world. We had plenty of competition to contend with for a brand that was unknown in this area, so making an impression was crucial. 


I came up with a plan. Our digital vending, lockers, and shelving technology was not only cutting-edge and unlike anything else in the US market, but is also really cool to watch in action. So that settled it. The machines must be the star of the show. 


But how do we get traffic into the booth? We needed a catch. Because our technology was changing the face of loss prevention and flipping traditional methods on their heads, I needed something that would make people stop and listen. 


Then it hit me - we're the "golden ticket" to loss prevention! And who better to shout that message to the rooftops than Willy Wonka himself! I hired a wonderful booth engager who was dressed in a fully Willy Wonka outfit. I equipped him with CompuCom branded chocolates, each of which had a golden ticket inside that would scan at our digital vending machine for a prize that would vend out. 


There was also a strategic digital push. I ensured that we were prominently featured in the show catalog, purchased sponsorship opportunities, were featured in 4 articles around the event, created a landing page to drive traffic for meetings and interest, and created a strong social media push around the event, including two Facebook Live videos during the show. 


Not only was "Willy" charming and engaging, but he did a great job of starting a loss prevention conversation that would lead over to one of our sales reps that could walk the customer through the demo. People loved Willy's charm and the chocolates - everyone was a winner. Best of all, we made a huge splash at a show that we were newcomers at. 


The results speak for themselves: 154 leads from 74 unique companies! We were thrilled with the results and there was an incredible buzz around our technology. Those leads are now secured in our nurture stream and new business is being delivered every week. 


The lesson - a little strategic imagination and a lot of fun goes a long way to tell your product's story! 


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