PGI to AVINTIV: The Story of a Brand 

In 2015, Polymer Group Incorporated, or PGI,  wanted to move beyond being known as a nonwovens company that’s a collection of acquisitions, to being recognized as a united, specialty materials leader.


Our small Marcomms team was tasked with finding a way to take an aging nonwovens brand and develop it into: 

 - A company that is growing globally by developing advanced, value add materials, technologies and solutions.

- A company that has a benefit driven mindset and ethos that is focused on customer-centric innovation.

 - A company that’s able to be agile, flexible and proactive because it has a culture that’s focused, untied, fast and accountable.
- A company that’s driven by a clear purpose: making the world safer, cleaner and healthier.

With the help of Futurebrand, a world-class Branding agency based out of New York, who have rebranded companies like American Airlines and Cadillac, we developed a new name, image, and go-to-market strategy for a fresh, new, and innovative company. 

AVINTIV was derived from over 800 name choices and has it's roots in: 


AVINTIV is a cutting-edge word that signals creativity and a forward looking attitude.

AVINTIV's message to the marketplace: 

AVINTIV is a company that advances and creates specialty materials that deliver real impact for our customers and the world. 
Every day, we are driven by our purpose of making the world a safer, cleaner and healthier place for all. 


After a very successful launch of our new brand in summer of 2015 and a huge splash in the market, we were poised for an IPO in the fall.


In October of 2015, Berry Plastics, a packaging company based out of Evansville, Indiana, acquired AVINTIV to build onto it's growing portfolio of Healthcare and Hygiene products. The company was sold for $2.5B delivering tremendous value to the AVINTIV stakeholders. 

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