Retail IT: How to build a vertical

I was called to CompuCom because of my vast retail experience and a keen eye for building and rebuilding brands. I always like a good challenge, so after 4 years in the Nonwovens industry, I gave it a try. 


CompuCom traditionally provides end-to-end managed services, technology and consulting to enable the digital workplace for enterprise, midsize and small businesses.


However, that IT heavy jargon was working well with large businesses that have a team of IT experts, but wasn't translating for retail businesses. Retail is a different animal - they're buying calendars are different, processes and decision makers vary, and they're more interested in preventing gaps in revenue than having the "latest and greatest tech." 


That called for a different type of push into the market, and I was tasked with figuring out the magic formula. I began by splitting the market into four distinct segments: Big Box, Specialty, Restaurant/Foodservice, and Grocery. Each one has it own distinct voice and flavor. 


After months of interviews with internal sales, product managers, and even a few customers, I was able to pull together a cohesive messaging tool that enables our in-house team to successfully speak to each segment of the vertical and understand their specific needs and interests. 


After that, I was able to build a solid campaign structure for all push strategies within the vertical, backed into each area's specific buying calendars. With an in-depth assessment of social media, PPC, SEO, gated and ungated assets, email and direct mail nurture streams, and web push, I was able to engage many different strategies to penetrate this new market for CompuCom. 


In conjunction with internal pushes, I have partnered with 3 different media outlets to engage in several different articles to push new products, website refresh, custom landing pages, two webinars to promote thought leadership, three new tradeshows to enter the loss prevention, restaurant, and grocery markets, as well as thought leadership pieces and features. 



With $20mm of new revenue in the pipeline since March, I'm proud of the work I've done to push CompuCom into the store of the future. 

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