Tradeshows and Events

Customer and sales team interaction is critical in a B2B function. You don't get too many opportunities to interact with either when you're a B2B Company, so my job is to really bring the "wow" factor to everything that I do. 


From high-level CEO events in Barcelona and Geneva to our regional sales conferences held in different cities each year, and over 60 tradeshows under my belt, I've coordinated a lot of events. 


I've hired world-renowned guest speakers, a NFL player and drumline, an electric string quartet, fire breathers, and even a confetti cannon!  For tradeshows, I've incorporated an arcade claw machine, a bass boat, and even Willy Wonka.  I've worked with celebrity agents, travel agencies, hotels, caterers, and rental companies. There's no limit to my ideas when it comes to top attendance and making sure that our guests get the very best of what we can offer. 


I've worked very closely with the top leadership to introduce the best ideas for them to interact with our top customers, but also with the people that make our division successful: our sales teams. 


In any event,  the most important thing isn't your speeches, food, or even your entertainment. Making sure that our guests leave with a clear message of who we are as a company and what we can offer them speaks louder than anything that I can hire. 


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