Marketing Strategy

Marketing isn't all sexy. There's a lot of strategy that goes into making a plan take shape and stay within time, money, messaging, and workload parameters. 

When I began my career, I worked as a team of 5: Myself and 3 others in the US, one in the UK, one in Asia, and my boss based in Charlotte. After the Berry acquisition, 4 of my colleagues were eliminated to streamline the marketing segment. 

Within the past 6 months, additional budget cuts were made and Marketing was once again re-aligned. I'm now the only Marcomms position for the globe. That's a lot of responsibility! 

In order for my position to be feasible, I had to come up with a plan to present to the EVP. My plan was to partner with the Senior Director of Business Strategy to better understand how Marcomms can serve the business and vice versa. 

Since then, I've been in the painstaking process of evaluating our current plans, looking at future needs and seeing how they can be delegated with one Marcomms role, a whole slew of Product Marketing Managers, and a few agencies that we can lean on for support. 

Our plan is still taking shape, but we've come a long way in a few months. With 12 product launches coming up, tradeshows, collateral rebranding, events, and communications, it's a lot to wrangle. 

I'm currently in the process of templatizing and streamlining our processes for collateral and tradeshows to help make the DPMs (Directors of Product Marketing) more self-sufficient while still upholding the brand integrity.


With strategically thinking and backing into deadlines, it's making it much easier to see the bigger picture and keep the "one off's" from popping up. If it doesn't fit within the plan, we simply don't do it. 

It's a new way of thinking and a new chapter in my career.

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