Berry Plastics to Berry Global: A New Look

After being acquired by Berry Plastics in 2015, it became increasingly obvious that Berry Plastics was no longer the plastics container manufacturer that it once was. 

Now that Specialty Materials from AVINTIV was part of the Berry portfolio, the dated Berry Plastics logo not only looked old, but no longer reflected the company behind it. 

The first step was to remove "Plastics" from the name and bring the logo into the 21st century. Sounds pretty easy, right? 

We had just completed the rollout of new signage/collateral/web/legal entities from AVINTIV to Berry Plastics. Our new signs were barely on the buildings! 

We worked with our corporate Comms team in Evansville, Indiana and in-house design agency to build a new brand to reflect the company that we've become. We went through 3 months of work with logo design, rethinking our company values, behaviors, and messaging, and developed a base structure to present to the CEO. 

After several iterations, our new logo was born and rolled out in the Spring of 2017. Now the fun part: Introduce it to the market!

In a strategic series of PR, new collateral, tradeshow announcements,  CEO appearances, plant and corporate office rollouts, and media placement, we introduced the world to the new Berry Global and a new message: Always Advancing to Protect What's Important. 

The process of changing over is an ever-evolving one. Samples, collateral, web, many items need to be updated. But we're developing a strategic plan to gradually phase out the old and bring in the new along with product launches and messaging. 

Introducing the new Berry Global. 

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