Digital Design Thinking

Digital presence is crucial when driving traffic and generating leads. It has to make a good first impression, catch their attention, and encourage the visitor to move on to the next step, engaging them in the sales funnel. 


Digital marketing is important to my lead generation activities. I'm measured on leads, so ensuring that I maintain a high level of user-friendly experience for my customers.  


Retail customers are very digital-savvy, so making sure that our CompuCom website was updated and retail-friendly was my first task. I worked with our digital team as well as our graphic designers to create a seamless sub0brand site that was easy to use and understand in a retail setting. 


For each initiative that I have taken in the retail space at CompuCom, I've built my own landing page using Hubspot to lead traffic to additional information and set a meeting. I've found that this is an incredibly useful tool to gain interest around an event. 


Within Berry Global's vast portfolio of performance products, we had two customer-facing brands: Chicopee Wipes and Typar Weather Protection Products. 

Because these products are highly visible and carry brand clout, it's important for us to ensure that this information is state-of-the-art. 

I've been incredibly fortunate to work cross-functionally with a team of very talented graphic and digital designers as well as product managers to develop two robust websites designed with user interaction in mind. 




Information architecture is the art and science of structuring and organizing the information in products and services to support usability and findability. In that spirit, we asked ourselves the following questions: 

  • What are the interaction patterns best suited in the context? 

  • How do we incorporate user needs collected during user research into the designs? 

  • What features and information are important to the user? 

  • What interface behaviors like drag-drop, selections, and mouse-over actions are needed? 

  • How do we effectively communicate the strengths of the system? 

  • How do we make the interface intuitive by building affordances? 

  • How do we maintain consistency throughout the system? 




Digital design is how we move forward in today's market. People aren't as interested in paper collateral or catalogs that will be thrown away. Websites are fast and interesting ways to deliver information and knowing how to drive traffic is crucial to cementing not only brand awareness but to build trust in your customers that your business is ready for what comes next. 



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