TYPAR Rebranding: Breathing New Life Into a Market Champion

TYPAR is one of the company's two customer-facing brands (Chicopee wipes being the other), and has built a solid reputation within the North American market of being the "Cadillac of housewraps."  

With the effective investment in the brand, the company has been able to grow share and protect margins. 

With the help of Miller Brooks, a creative agency out of Indiana whom we have worked with for over 10 years, we developed a new look and feel for our cornerstone brand. 

Integral to the strategy was to reposition from a product to a "weather protection system" with a new and more robust line of flashing tapes, roofing underlament, and drainage wraps.

Our new message: 

The TYPAR Weather Protection System doesn’t just perform at the very highest level in defending homes from the elements. It’s lab-tested and field-proven to outperform all other building wraps on the market—ultimately providing top construction pros the smartest, toughest, premium building wrap for their homes. 

We developed a rugged new look that appeals to our demographic, the classic, on the job construction guy. We gave our website a new look and entered the market with new collateral and a bold new statement at our tradeshows. 

We repackaged our products to reflect our bold new stance: No more keeping it under wraps. We accept the challenge. We’re moving up from being the top contender to the top-of-mind name. We’re redefining the clear obstacles in our way as huge opportunities. With more than a little market share as ours alone to earn, we’ll hit the ground running, get the word out, and strike the right tone with the pros that count most every chance we get.

Two years later, we're still building momentum and I'm extremely proud of the success we've seen within the marketplace. 

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